Face Mapping 101: What Your Pimples Say About Your Health

Face Mapping 101: What Your Pimples Say About Your Health

We have previously tackled the common causes of acne. It turns out acne is so much more than clogged pores and hormonal imbalance,  and we must not take it for granted. Face mapping goes back from Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. Apparently, our skin health correlates to our other organs in our body. 

Yes, clogged pores, clinging makeup, shitty hormones and other impurities have a big factor in pimple to pop up the next day or so. However, no matter how you take care of your outer image, there will still be pustule if you don’t take good care of your inner health.


When you see pimples starting to appear on your T-zone, we immediately blame sleepless nights or excessive sebum production. Aside from having oily T-Zone, Acne on your forehead is actually caused by a poor digestive system. Processed foods are much more difficult to break down. Oily foods are also to blame. You might want to make a difference and change your diet from now on. Incorporate more veggies and fruits in your daily meals.  Also, if you may notice when you’re on your stress week, pimples will start to show on your T-zone. Get more beauty rest if you can and just loosen up. Eating healthy will also help with your stress levels. 


Have you ever got a pimple up on your hairline? Maybe once or twice a month? Guess what, you might want to turn your attention to your hair products and routine. Of course, if your hair is dirty, expect that you will have breakouts the next morning on your hairline. We suggest you recheck your hair products, they might not be effective in cleansing your hair or your routine, you may not be washing as often as you need to.


Brows are somewhat part of the T-zone, isn’t it? But aside from what mentioned above, pimples popping up on your brows may also be due to other reasons. First, it can be irritating when you trim your brows with razor, tweezers or wax. Secondly, brow products weren’t properly removed. And lastly, it has a connection to your livers well being. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking too. The next time you tweak those brows make sure they are properly prepped. Also, at the end of the day, make sure you have removed all the brow products or else it will clog your pores.


This is simple science, your cheek pimples are usually caused by dirt from your phone, pillows and other things that often get near your cheek area. If you have to answer your phone, clean it first. Change your pillowcases once a week if you must. Basically, whatever it is, clean it first before you put it on your cheeks. And an important note, avoid touching your face, please. Just imagine where your hands have gone and you're transferring it onto your cheeks.


Breakouts on your chin all the way to your jawline is caused by hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, your body has a not-funny way of saying it’s going to be that time of the month and poof! A pimple appears. There’s nothing much you can do really. Just keep eating clean and manage your stress levels. If you notice pimples on the areas near your lips, it may also mean that your toothpaste or mouth products have more fluoride. You don’t need to replace your mouth products, just don’t let excess products lay on your face. Clean up after.

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