Face Slimming Hairstyle for Round Face

Face Slimming Hairstyle for Round Face

Men change their hairstyle or haircut less often than women. Women, on the other hand,  love to play around with their looks especially when they’re under pressure or stress, they seek comfort from changing our hairstyle. Am I right? Then we regret it afterwards cause it was just an impulsive decision. 

The way your hair is style greatly affects your look overall. Let’s be honest, not all hairstyles suit you that’s why it’s super critical to choose the right hairstyle to achieve the look you are going for. Now, of all face shapes, the round face is the most difficult to match a hairstyle with. You would want to look like you’ve slacked off a couple of pounds. 

Does short hair make your face fuller?

Have you heard people say that short hair will just make your face look fuller? Absolutely not. If you want to go for a short style, go for it! A little layering will add an illusion of a slimmer face. Use a blower and set your hair towards your face to hide a bit of your face. You could even go as short as pixie cut with the volume on the top. 

Begin with a bang

Who has never cut their bangs their whole lives? We all did! It’s always our go-to when we want that drastic change. For a slimmer face, you can begin with having bangs. This way you’ll be able to hide parts of your face making it look smaller. There are 3 kinds of bangs we suggest: Full, side and see-through bangs. 

Voluminous Waves

Now this look will not only make you look slimmer but will also transform you into a total babe! This look is commonly used on celebs. Big waves and is parted at the center hiding the cheek area and giving the illusion of an elongated face. 

Long locks 

This is the common hairstyle for women who want to look slimmer. They say long hair will make your face seem elongated. That’s true! However, long hair, though easier to style, tends to be a bit boring and flat. We suggest you add layering, it will put more style and creates more dimension onto your face. You can also match it with bangs. 

The next time you decide to chop off your crowning glory, step back and think about it first because you might regret it later on and you can never get it back(Not unless you wear extensions which are very hassle and heavy).  Whichever style you opt to, always take good care of your hair. Check out Golden rules for a healthy and happy hair.